Discover our precious line of probiotic products with repairing and beneficial functions for your skin.


Substantia Cosmetics products they are free from parabens, petrolatum, silicone and PEG.


Glutathione cream and serum, the innovative ally for cellular rejuvenation with incredible effects.

Our products are 100% made in Italy
and paraben-free.

Substantia è Paraben Free

Substantia Cosmetics was created to meet the needs of a clientele attentive to the substances it consumes. Our products are made by an Italian company with over thirty years of experience, the raw materials are not tested on animals.

We do not use neither peg nor les but only emulsifiers of vegetable origin and as preservatives, necessary to protect us from mold and fungi, we have excluded parabens, mimetic and carcinogenic estrogens.

For HER or HIM, choose between …

Prodotti per il viso Substantia Cosmetics


Prodotti per il corpo Substantia Cosmetics


Prodotti per le mani Substantia Cosmetics


Prodotti per i capelli Substantia Cosmetics


Prodotti solari Substantia Cosmetics


Anti-aging treatment for cellular rejuvenation.

Choose from our glutathione and probiotic products.

Glutathione, a natural tripeptide present in our body, which is the main protagonist of the antioxidant response by acting against free radicals.
Probiotics, which by becoming part of the epoidermal bacterial flora, stimulate cell renewal, improve the cohesion of keratocytes and increase cell trophism.

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No problem for the intolerant.

Our products do not contain wheat, milk, petrolatum, silicones and the quantities of nickel are so low that they do not give any problems to any intolerant.

No animal testing
No to parabens, petrolatum, silicones and pegs
Only vegetable emulsions
Value to the content, less to the packaging
100% made in Italy
Hypoallergenic cosmetics for everyone at all ages

Another feature of Substantia products is that of conveying the active ingredients from a biophysical point of view thanks to the fact that our emulsions have a structure similar to the cell membrane.

It has been proven that plant-based emulsions (oils) penetrate through the epidermis and consequently carry the substances contained in them into the dermal level. In addition, in our emulsions we have inserted liposomes, that is vesicles (bags) which contain the pure active ingredient inside, they are phospholipids which, penetrating deeply, dissolve, releasing the substances.