How much is the minimum order?

On there is no minimum order, you can buy any product for sale in the desired quantity.

Shipping fees

For Italy, shipping costs amount to € 7; for orders over 60 € shipping will be free!

I received the wrong product!

We apologize for the inconvenience and the error! Please send us an email, also attaching the photograph of the wrong product. We will therefore provide a stock check and any refund or re-dispatch of the correct product.

I received the broken / tampered / damaged package!

Unfortunately, it can happen that sometimes during the trip the unexpected happens that the package arrives damaged. If you receive the order in a broken, wet carton, evidently tampered with or inside or a plastic bag or in a courier carton, please accept it with reserve or do not accept it.
By accepting and signing for the withdrawal of an obviously tampered package, the customer assumes responsibility for the content. In this case, our shop would not be required to assume any kind of responsibility and refund broken products arrived in cartons evidently damaged or not original of the company itself.
However, if the package is accepted anyway, please send an email to the customer service immediately, attaching an accurate list of damages and a picture of both the packaging and the damaged items. The photo is fundamental for us to be able to make a complaint to the courier and to evaluate the conditions for a refund or a new shipment of products.