Shampoo rebalancing mousse


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To rebalance the scalp health, apply the Balancing Mousse Shampoo that refreshes, tones and has a soothing function.

Does not contain: petrolatum, silicones, parabens, PEG

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Active principles

Obtained by the current distillation of the vapors of rose petals, it has a refreshing, toning, soothing and calming action.

ml. 150

How to use
Apply a small amount of product on the hair and scalp, massaging, then rinse with warm water.
Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes; in the case, rinse thoroughly with water and contact your doctor. Do not use in case of allergy or hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.

Aqua, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Rosa centifolia flower water, Benzyl alcohol, Polyglyceryl4 caprylate, Sodium lauroyl glutamate, Decyl glucoside, Diglycerin, Ethylhexylglycerin.

Chemical-physical characteristics
Appearance: Liquid
Color: Colorless
Smell: Characteristic
pH: n.d.

Duration of the product
Minimum duration of the product: Over 30 months
Product retention mode: Cool and dry place, far from heat sources
Post-open stability period (PAO): 12 months

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